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Okuden: Limited Collector Edition

These are almost sold out.  Only 200 copies printed.  Less than 70 left.  All numbered and signed by Juchnik, Hanshi.



Taking basic and intermediate concepts to the highest level.  Okuden understanding and application is displayed by very few practitioners.  Learn how to bridge the gap from basic understanding to mastery level.

Kata to Kumite

Unlock the keys to traditional kata movement and apply them to kumite (sparring) and self defense.  Many practitioners today cannot apply a basic self defense technique due to overlooking one very important component - the opponent.  

Kosho Ryu Distance Learning

Relevant application of concepts that can apply to any martial art system or style.

19 full length instructional videos.

2 reference manuals, over 400 pages to help guide your training.

Pinto Blade and Impact Tactics

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Prefer DVD's?

Sometimes having a DVD is easier than viewing online.  Check out this free eBook and great Kata DVD offer.  28 DVD's for a really low price. 

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ESCAPE, CONTROL, DESTROY are elements taken from the philosophical study of the Sho Chiku Bai Mon (Pine, Bamboo, Plum crest) of Kosho Ryu.

  • Escape - avoidance of conflict - do no harm

  • Control - grappling, folding and internal strikes

  • Destroy - only when there are no other options

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Okuden Kicks off March 21, 2020!

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