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ADD THIS ONE TIME OFFER: Kosho no Kenza - The Magic of Kosho Ryu:

Kosho no Kenza is the next part in the Strategies texts. It deals with the subconscious elements of martial arts. The concepts are based on trickery and subtle manipulation of the opponents perception.

These concepts are very abstract, yet they are exact. To study this, you must be prepared to operate on pure principle of feeling and understanding of one's space, time and self.

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12 Week Warrior Scholar Ultimate Striking Concepts

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What you'll get:

Ultimate Striking Concepts ($247 Value)

  • Contour Hitting ~ Inside Striking
  • Caging ~ Controlling Center
  • Reverse Caging ~ Expelling the Opponent
  • Anticipating Motion ~ Debana Waza
  • 4 Wall Concept ~ Subconscious Keys
  • Structure ~ Destroying The Ability to Move
  • Internal Power ~ Body Awareness
  • First Hit ~ Offensive Striking
  • Countering Strategies ~ The Leaning Factor
  • Lightning Speed and Combination Hitting
  • Entries ~ Cloaking and Deceptive Movement
  • Circles ~ Exposing Your Opponent

Did You Know..? History Series ($97 Value)

  • James Masayoshi
  • Mitose
  • Thomas S.H. Young
  • Robert Trias
  • Imi Okazaki
  • Remy Presas
  • Bing Fai Lau
  • Danny Inosanto
  • Rick Alemany
  • Dennis Palumbo
  • Wally Jay
  • Dennis Decker
  • Nick Cerio
  • Bonus: The Gatekeepers

Advanced Insights to Kosho Ryu ($247 Value)

  • 10 hours of advanced strategy training

BONUS: Why Kata Video and eBook ($47 Value)

BONUS: Keys to Timing - The Octagon ($97 Value)

BONUS: Did the Old Masters Teach Wrong on Purpose? ($27 Value)

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What People Are Saying:

“Wow, wish I would have met up sooner in my life. Am a Kempo student for many yrs. and very impressed with your teachings here. I am 61 and broken up a bit, but am interested in learning more. These are the very principles that are missing in most Kempo schools. Have done some of this and always have hungered for more. Thank you, Hanshi."”

Glenn S. ~North Carolina

“"I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you sincerely for the teachings that you have blessed my Sensei with, so that he may now do the same for me. Kosho Ryu has changed my life, for the better of course. "”

Jeff H. ~New Hampshire